King’s College Empire Debates 2017

The URDU traveled to NYC for the  King’s College Empire Debates 2017.  URDU had three novice teams, each of which contains a debater at their first tournament! A team had enough points but not enter novice finals on speaker points! All our teams did splendidly! The URDU’s Syed Reefat acted as the Deputy Chief Adjudicator, who was an excellent administrator and ended their run as a judge of the open final round!17361972_1512394518784472_558088075573092706_n.jpg

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North American Women and Gender Minorities Debating Championships

The URDU traveled to Vancouver, Canada for the North American Women and Gender Minorities Debating Championships.

The topics included:

round 1: This house supports the choice of deaf parents to deafen their children in utero

round 2: This house supports the government suing meat distributors/producers to recover environmental & health care costs incurred by the consumption of meat

round 3: This house, as the European Union, would reject Turkey’s membership application to the European Union

round 4: This house opposes references to physical sex characteristics (eg, uterus, vagina, breasts, etc) in pro-women protests (eg,Women’s March on Washington)



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CEDA Nationals

Two URDU teams (Tobi-Cedric and Ben-Anthony) debated policy in CEDA Nationals. Both URDU teams ended their CEDA runs with 4-4 records here in Kansas. 17359102_1502541456436445_7131989234531324199_o17349668_1501609253196332_2503360452223831758_o

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Pan American Championships

Two URDU worlds teams traveled to sunny California for the Pan American Championships. And after finishing as finalists last year at this tournament, sweet victory was achieved — Chris and Miriam were #PanAm17 CHAMPIONS!!! Reefat also won top ESL speaker for the SECOND year in a row!17155509_1495722947118296_3479446049446181734_n17159241_1494803690543555_8975299563886245756_o

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Budapest Open 2017

The URDU traveled internationally this spring and debated, worlds style in Budapest, Hungary. Two teams went and earneed a lot of great achievements. Dan Lemire and Ben Frazer were quarter finalists. Ben Frazer also earned the 12th open speaker position while Dan Lemire earned the 25th open speaker position.

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West Virginia Novice & JV Policy Nationals

The URDU policy debated in Virginia and our very own Katie Fong & Niki Linganur earned the title of Novice Octafinalists!

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GWU Eastern Championships

The URDU participated in the Eastern Championships at the George Washington University at Washington D.C for the first time! It was an amazing experience where the debaters earned tons of good experiences while enjoying the sunny DC weather. Some of the amazing achievements of the URDU were:

Ben Frazer & Graeme McGuire = Open Quarterfinalists

Miriam Kohn & Chris Perkins = Open Semifinalists

Ben Frazer = top speaker

Miriam Kohn = 5th Speaker

Graeme McGuire = 9th Speaker

Shivali Mukenji = broke as a judge and entered elimination rounds

Azmeena Sayeed = chaired rounds for the first time as a judge

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