Cal Swing (Policy)

The URDU went to LA, California over winter break to debate in the policy format. The team had a great time debating at the Fullerton tournament.


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Worlds Universities Debating Championships (The Hague)


Chris Perkins and Miriam Kohn partnered up as worlds debaters at the Worlds Universities Debating Championships at The Hague in Holland. They were accompanied by Syed Reefat Aziz and Bexley Brown who went there as judges. Reefat broke as a judge and judged out rounds at WUDC. All of them had a great time. It was the first WUDC for most of the travelers and they learned a lot from their time there.



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2016 Shirley Classic at Wake Forest University

Tobi, Cedric, Ben and Bri had taveled to Wakeforest on the 18th of November for the 2016 Shirley Classic. They had won a decent number of rounds and learned a lot!15135963_1372863056070953_3765954153373665618_n15170929_1371409462882979_831086457330671488_n15178034_1371409336216325_6555353467371622135_n

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Monmouth debate tournament

Anthony Pericolo and Mohammad Ali Raza had a great time debating im Monmouth and learned a lot!


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YALE Invitational

After a long and educational tournament, the University of Rochester finished the Yale Invitational with amazing (if not breaking) scores:

KP ends on 11 points (two firsts, two seconds, a third, and a fourth)
MF ends on 10 points (three seconds, a first, a third, and a fourth)
AT ends on 9 points (two firsts, two thirds, and two fourths)

Much pride!

We debated the motions:
(Info slide: in the aftermath of WW2 the united states forced japan to accept article 9 of constitution, which outlaws war as a means of resolving inter disputes with other states
In 2015, amid calls for wholesale repeal of the article, shinzo abe government succeeded in reinterpreting article 9 to allow japan’s SD forces come to aid of their allies in war
More broadly, japan has invested heavily in bolstering its military capabilities, and has pointedly positioned a substantial naval force in the east china sea)
This house supports the continued remilitarization of japan

(context slide with MDG narrating: picture: empty spaces of museum in athens: made for elgin marbles, taken to england between 1801 and 1812)
This house believes that all museums, galleries, and cultural institutions should offer to return exhibits to their communities/countries of origin

(Info slide: a credit rating company is a company that assigns credit ratings to debt which rate a debtor’s ability to pay back by making timely interest payments and the likelihood of default
Rating agencies rate a huge range of debt, including that of governments and corporations as well as securitised products such as mortgage-backed securities)
This house would nationalize credit ratings agencies

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Huber Debates at the University of Vermont

The URDU participated at the University of Vermont for both worlds and policy.

URDU speaker award winners in worlds at the University of Vermont were:

Miriam Kohn: 3rd speaker
Ben Frazer: 6th speaker
Chris Perkins: 9th speaker

Ben and Gabby are also proud champions on Huber’16 while Reefat and Graeme are finalists in worlds.

Tobi and Cedric competed as quarter finalists in the policy division.


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14556657_1341953782495214_1996899737014299253_oThe University of Rochester had debated to Ottawa, Canada to compete at the North American Universities Championships. Chris Perkins and Miriam Kohn from the URDU debated in the quarter finals. Some of the motions at the tournament were:

This house believes that Kashmir should strive for independence rather than political unification with Pakistan.

This house prefers a world where the notion of the afterlife is based on karmic balance and not divine mercy.

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