Public Debate UR vs RIT … UR takes home Roc City Championship!

On Tuesday a public debate, British parliamentary style, went down between UR debaters (Opposition) and our lovely guests from RIT (Government). The topic was: This House Rejects Nuclear Power.

The judges and debaters, and the Roc City trophy … or that shiny dude holding up a star. I will try and name everyone there in order: Maria Papaleo (judge), RIT debaters Stephen, Pat, Mike, Eric, John Angelis (judge), Deborah Modrak (judge, also Diamond’s and Alyssa’s women studies professor), and UR debaters Diamond, Alyssa, Zach, Nina.

It was definitely an interesting debate, drawing good responses from the audience. I talked to people after and they said they’ve never been more persuaded by two sides in their lives, and some were shocked that even in light of Japan, the UR opposition side (debating to not reject nuclear power) won.

There were many great moments during the debate…

When during a POI on solar power, Alyssa (UR) pointed out Rochester, New York as a place that only gets four hours of sunlight, drawing applause and empathy from the audience.

When Stephen (RIT) brought up the ethical issue of dumping nuclear waste on third world countries, and Diamond (UR) turned it with the issue of air pollution affecting people in China and India (of course capitalism is involved in this, of course).

When we opened up the floor for speeches, and we had many audience members participate.

In the end, UR won because we had the counterplan of a magic nuclear reactor (better known by its common name Thorium Nuclear Reactor). Overall, the verdict was that UR had more facts and evidence to back up the arguments. We also probably had home ground advantage, admittedly.

Props to the RIT debaters for coming over and debating us, you guys did an excellent job. Extra props to all those in their first year of debate, but stepped up to do this. Thanks to everyone who came out to watch the debate, despite it being close to finals. It wasn’t a full house, but we had quite a turn-out for the busiest time of the year.

PS – There will be more pictures of events in the future. Yours truly forgot to take photos despite bringing a camera (being too enthralled in the debate).




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