Debaters in the sun.

Yesterday, the URDU held its annual banquet at our very own Meliora building.

It was a lunch event, followed by awards given out to recognize debaters for their work this year.

Anastacia receiving her Top Researcher for Worlds award from Ken.

This was then followed by the senior speeches, or anyone else who will be leaving the team next year 😥

From left: Yayi, Wendy, Nico, Christine, Wuwei

The sombre (and some happy) faces of the seniors.

A certain someone, I will not mention who…


… had 1000 Star Trek references (okay, more like three) in his senior speech, which despite the cheer from a small section in the audience, was not received well by the female population in the room. Captain Picard who?

And then we went out, to the warm blessing of the elusive Rochester sun, to take a group photo.

Yeah, I'm not naming everyone.
From left: Brad Smith, Dylan, Gordie, Ken, Alia, Buddy, Merkle

The coaches, and Brad Smith, whom our tournament next year is named after. He has been with us since 1998, and we love him for all the help and support he’s provided the team.

The Worlds peeps!
The Policy crew. We are so happy. No, seriously, look at us. Even Vijay.

Two things you will never see happen frequently throughout the year: the Rochester sun, and debaters being outside.

Don’t we love these annual banquets?

On another note, some of the team also went bowling the night before.

The obligatory group photo to show that they were actually there. And Vijay is smiling again, what is up.

It’s sad the year is coming to a close, with people leaving us 😥 but we’ll only be back next year, bigger and better. The things we do for the love of debate.



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