UR hosts the Brad Smith Debate Tournament

On the weekend of Oct 1-2, the University of Rochester River Campus was overtaken by intercollegiate debaters from the Northeast. The Brad Smith Debate Tournament, named after a longtime volunteer and former U of R research librarian, was a success. Guests complimented the efficiency of tournament tabulation, the quality of U of R facilities, and the hospitality provided by U of R students, alumni, and volunteers. Rochester debaters participated in the preliminary debates, but could not advance to elimination rounds. There was also a Saturday luncheon organized to discuss underrepresented identities in debate, centering around problems of participation in debate and potential solutions that will benefit the community.

Interesting figures from the tournament:

Over 100 debate teams attended the tournament, which adds up to 330 attendees from 17 colleges and universities. A total of 611 debate rounds were had, with 5,288 speeches made at the Brad Smith Debate Tournament.

Winning Teams:

Novice World’s: Cornell
Open World’s: Hobart & William Smith

Novice Policy: United States Military Academy
Junior Varsity Policy: Liberty University
Open Policy: City University of New York

Worlds Motions at BSDT:

Rd 1 THS the right to Physician Assisted Suicide.
Rd 2 THBT environmental protection should take precedence over economic growth.
Rd 3 TH opposes Western influence in the Arab revolutions.
Rd 4 THBT affirmative action does more harm than good.
Rd 5 THW forgive student debt.
Rd 6 THW abolish the Death penalty.

Quarters: THW abolish lifetime tenure for supreme court justices.
Semis: THW not march in the Slutwalks.
Novice Final: THW make voting in national elections mandatory.
Open Final: THW put university curriculum in the hands of the students.

Some pictures from the event:

UR debaters helping out at the main table in Hutchinson Hall.
Well, some of us were being helpful.
Debaters milling about the food area. I promise you it's not just US Military Academy that debates at these tournaments... they're just always in photos...
More milling about in between rounds, waiting for the pairings to be released.
Behind the scene: Coaches Gordie and Ken (first left, first right) and UR debater Ben Batha working out the pairings and rooms. Gordie is wearing a shirt that the team decorated together for the tournament!
Makeshift podiums are great.
Where motions and pairings for Worlds were released.
UR debater Cody Monday with his swing partner from Liberty University, Trevor Aharrah. This is Cody's second novice tournament (also second time with a swing partner) and he has made it to elimination rounds in both tournaments. Go Cody!
"You shall play more techno for the debaters!"
The awards for speaker positions and teams that cleared.
Ken giving a shoutout to people who've contributed to the debate team, and the BS debate tournament.
The tournament's namesake making an appearance at the awards ceremony.
Debaters and coaches alike filling up the auditorium as awards were given out.
First and second speakers, Alec Opperman (left) from New School and William Cheung (second left) from CUNY receiving their awards for Open Policy division.
Our very own novice, Rebecca Schaffer, getting sixth speaker at her second tournament. We tried to make this photo perfect but alas...


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