It’s true. And it’s a great skill to have!

This week is officially called “PROMOTE DEBATE WEEK” and our debaters will be out in full force, recruiting and talking the URDU up. Some of us would have just returned from a weekend of debating in West Point and Yale, while some of us will be gearing up to go to the Harvard tournament this weekend (one of the toughest tournaments in the national circuit), so we’re expecting a busy week ahead of us.

We will also be having an info table at Wilson Commons (more to come about this soon) on the 24th, 27th and 28th October (Monday, Thursday and Friday of this week) from 9am to 7pm. We’ll be there to answer your questions, concerns and curiosities, and to tell you more about debate!

More importantly, we have the perfect tournament coming up for people who want to try out debate for the first time.  It is the Huber Debates at University of Vermont, happening from 4th-6th November, both policy and worlds formats offered. We always bring the largest group over (with many novice debaters), we do extremely well at it (last year we closed out the JV division) and we come back happy. There’s really no better time than Vermont!

If you’re interested, come to our info table at the above times, or drop by our office at Morey 100 during our Monday and Thursday meetings at 7pm, or e-mail one of our coaches. We look forward to seeing new faces at Vermont!



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