Worlds debaters compete at Yale

The University of Rochester Debate Union was represented October 21st and 22nd
at the Yale IV ( in New Haven, Connecticut by 3 teams
debating in the Worlds Universities/British Parliamentary format.

In a field of over 150 teams from all over the US, Canada and many other parts of the
world, the break for quarter finals was steep. This tournament was one of the most
competitive in North America. After 5 preliminary rounds only the top 16 teams made
it to elimination rounds where 4 novice teams were also recognized and debated in a
separate Novice Final.

Worlds debaters (from left): Deuante Kelly, Henry Harrington, Ling Yang, Josh Rose, Lendsey Achudi, coach Alia Bellwood, Zach Taylor

The University of Rochester Debate Union was represented by 6 debaters in teams of 2
who were all competing at the Yale IV for their first time. All of those debaters are within
their very first year of debating the Worlds/British Parliamentary debate format and
showed a lot of enthusiasm about the new, diverse and challenging experiences at the

Lendsey and Ling Yang, who are from Kenya and China respectively. Diversity on the team ftw!

Josh Rose, a freshman at the UR, said “The atmosphere of the tournament was great
and the spontaneity involved in prepping for rounds is awesomely stimulating. I learned
about how concise, clear and persuasive effective debaters can be by watching them in

This is Josh.
General assembly hall for Yale.

Debaters were given 15 minutes to prep for the assigned topic and their side. Here are
the topics we saw at Yale IV 2011:

RD 1: This House Would punish financial professionals who fail to report others’ insider
trading as if they had committed the insider trading themselves.

RD 2: This House Believes courts should be able to issue assassination warrants.

RD3: This House Would prohibit folks who’ve been full time employees of political
parties or the government from lobbying

RD4: This House Believes universities should disclose to admitted students, upon their
request, if affirmative action affected their admission

RD 5: Where someone’s mental health renders them unfit to stand trial, THW forcibly
treat them to allow them to stand trial

Quarter Final: THBT scientific journals shouldn’t publish research on the subject of
racial disparities in intelligence.

Semi Final: This House would allow and enforce pre-nuptial agreements that punish
adultery with jail time.

Final: This House Believes That the end of US hegemony is good for the world.



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