Want to debate but can’t make the tournaments? No problem!

Your level of involvement in the University of Rochester Debate Union (URDU) is yours to decide.
If tournaments are hard to commit to because of your academic burden or other (not quite as awesome) clubs/sports then you are welcome to practice public speaking and argumentation at our regular meetings – Mondays and Thursdays at 7pm in Morey 100.

The Worlds/British Parliamentary debate squad debates at nearly every meeting. So if you are coming Monday and/or Thursday you can either get to watch fellow students debate or (preferably) you can debate for yourself!

But even if you cannot make regular meetings we debate on non-tournament weekends and alternate weeknights depending on students’ desires and schedules. Even RIT and MCC often join our practices! Really, you have every reason to debate!

This last weekend, for example, students gathered 4 times over the weekend to debate each other. Students came to the ad-hoc debate meetings they could based on their availability. Most made it to 1 or 2 some to so many as 3. The decision was theirs.

Sankalp Rathour and Isabel Schloss prepping their Opening Opposition arguments.
Josh Rose and Zach Taylor forming arguments for the Government’s case
Karimu Mohammed speaking for the Government

We debated these motions:

  • This House Would prohibit police officers from bringing offensive weapons to public protests.
  • This House Supports doctors who prescribe placebos to their patients.
  • This House Would give more votes to the poor.
  • This House Believes That it is legitimate for governments to require their people to be vaccinated against common diseases.

In Worlds/British Parliamentary debate you engage in a different global/current events topic each round of debate with 15 minutes preparation. Students practice locating the core conflicts/points of clash in a given controversy and quickly finding the most persuasive means with which to advocate their side. This encourages students to read a diversity of analyses and become familiar with global controversies to be ready.

The coach you should contact for more information about Worlds/British Parliamentary debate and scheduling meetings is Alia Bellwood at aliabellwood@gmail.com.



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