Harvard and Wake Forest

In addition to the policy and worlds tournaments open to all debaters, select few members of the team have also been competitive at national circuit tournaments. URDU sent three of their most experienced teams to the Harvard tournament on the weekend of November 29. They were Vijay Kasschau and Alyssa Schwartz, Tommye Weddington and Vinit Akolkar, and Kevin Diamond and Ben Batha. For Vijay, Tommye and Diamond, this would be their last Harvard tournament. Vijay and Alyssa beat top-ranked teams from Dartmouth, University of Oklahoma and University of Georgia.

On November 12-14, the teams of Vijay and Alyssa, and Ben and Diamond traveled to Wake Forest to compete in the Franklin R. Shirley Classic. Vijay and Alyssa were in a break round, and ended up 4-4 at the tournament. There is just no resting for these UR debaters! Not to mention the 11-hour drive up to North Carolina…



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