Starting the year with Texas swing

On the 2nd of January, ten members of the URDU ushered in the new year in a rather unconventional sense: by jumping onto a plane for Dallas, Texas and competing in two back-to-back national tournaments in about a week’s time. The coaching team of Martel and Miller were there to coach, judge and drive.

Meeting again at DFW, after having taken off for the break.

The Texas swing comprised of William DeMougeot Debates at University of North Texas and Fear and Loathing in Dallas at University of Texas, Dallas. Welcomed as a refreshing change from the otherwise hectic tournament schedules during the academic year, the Texas swing also brings good weather and great food. It is a learning ground for both old and new debaters, with novices Cody Monday and Rebecca Schaffer getting their first taste of the national circuit, even getting several wins out of both tournaments.

The Rochester-famous Asian Mint that everyone waxes lyrical about. You’re welcome for this attractive photo, guys.
Happiness is having In-and-Out open its first location in Texas in Dallas, next to your tournament hotel. URDU does not condone binge eating.

Overall, the team had decent showing at both tournaments, winning more rounds at the second tournament after much practice and research in between the tournaments.

More pictures of the tournaments:

Diamond and Vijay in their break round at UTD, against Wake Forest.
The debaters watching an outround that Gordie judged at UTD, between UTSA and Wake Forest. Decision was a 2-1 win for the affirmative from UTSA.
The panopticon hotel aka the tournament hotel of Crowne Suites that we stayed in aka the only hotel that manages to confuse you in which direction you should head to, when you walk out of the elevator every. time.
Shopping at Krogers, when Gordie finds a familiar purple dinosaur (the other one).
Yes, this happened.
Maggie and I debated in the UTD debate team spaceship! Okay, not really, but we debated in their debate office, which had this spaceship.


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