Jersey Shore debates (not what you think it is)

A week after URDU sends their Worlds team over to the Empire State Building, the policy team brought a skeleton crew of 10 debaters to the beaches of New Jersey to debate at the Monmouth Jersey Shore Invitational.

The team was received warmly the weather, the view from the 10th floor of our hotel and the director of Monmouth program.

The houses of Long Branch
What we essentially woke up to at 7 in the morning
Sweet hotel lobby
You'd think we debaters would get used to the early mornings

Varsity team of Vijay Kasschau and Kevin Diamond finished fifth in the tournament, while team of Tommye Weddington and Vinit Akolkar placed ninth. Vijay was named fourth overall speaker for the division, and Vinit received an award for 9th speaker.

Novice Cody Monday and David Yao getting invaluable coaching from Gordie.

Overall, it was a good tournament, except for the part where Snooki didn’t turn up at our tournament as promised, and we were all disappointed.



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