Rochester finishes 9th at CEDA Nationals, goes on to compete at the NDT

Frequently referred to as the “People’s Tournament”, CEDA is an open division championship that takes place towards the end of every policy tournament year. CEDA 2012 host University of Oklahoma welcomed a total of 160 teams from all over the nation onto their campus.

The tournament hotel recognizes the amount of business CEDA brings.

It was a phenomenal success for the URDU, when senior team Diamond and Vijay made a Cinderella Run to the Sweet 16 — debating in the CEDA Octofinals on Monday. They went 6-2 in the preliminary rounds and won on 3-0 decisions in both their triples and doubles rounds. They lost a tough round on a 3-0 decision to Whitman HZ, the pair that eventually went on to debate in the final round. This was the furthest the URDU has gone in CEDA, setting a new record for future URDU debaters.

When the octofinals decision was announced by CEDA president, Kathryn Rubino.

Vijay and Diamond were also winners of All-American Awards, presented to debaters who excel in the field of debate and academics.


CEDA winners Oklahoma GL in quarter finals, judged by our very own Gordie Miller!

Enjoying great fast food in the South.

CEDA award ceremony taking place in this majestic hall.


This is how we do research before elim rounds. We’re old-school.

The Godfather Gordie.

Right after the tournament, team Vijay and Diamond flew to Atlanta, Georgia to compete in yet another prestigious and a little bit more exclusive tournament – the National Debate Tournament.

A very proud time for all of us.

The duo faced some rather intense rounds, competing with the best of the best in policy debate.

The NDT is fancy.

They finished 3-5 in prelim rounds, and ended their last debate round on a victorious note. The NDT was the last debate tournaments for these seniors, and it was a good way to end a successful year had by all at the URDU.

(Photo credits to Wilma Qiu and the NDT.)



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