An Ode to Time Passed

Four (or five) years have come and went. We’ve shed tears of joy, pangs of frustration, long van rides, and late night dance parties in the office. Some of them came with no experience, and others came with four solid years already under their belt. Debate is not just some ordinary extra-curricular activity. But rather, it is a place where we gather to form discourse and seek the truth. Where we speak until we are blue in the face for trying to change a paradigm for the better. We debate because, while up on the podium, the moment becomes tangible. You’re able to decipher what is good and what can be better with this world.

On this beloved day of departure, we pay tribute to all the hard work, dedication and kindness that they have shown. This is not the end, but rather farewell so you can fly into the world, seek the change you wish to see and be it. Take pride in the fact that you’ve made it this far. Bask in the joyous memories that you have made, as we will fondly remember all of you. Good luck on your next chapter, and may all your dreams come true, Alyssa, Ben, Carl, Catherine, Emily, Kiera, Sean, Shin, Steve and Vinit.



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