Pan-American Debate Championships 2014

While the policy squad spent the weekend in Newark, the worlds team flew south to Miami for the weekend to compete in the Pan-American Debate Championships. In addition to suntans and sunburns, they also brought home some awards. The tournament was well-run and full of fun, informative debates. It was also extraordinarily culturally diverse. The URDU squad had the novel experience of watching simultaneous debates on the same motion in both Spanish and English, as well as debating on many motions that were related to Latin America and the Carribean. Debate topics were diverse, ranging from “This house believes that Puerto Rico should be independent,” to “This house believes thatย it was morally wrong for the USA to deliberately kill Osama Bin Laden.”

In between rounds, the team enjoyed the sunshine, time on the beach, and photo opportunities, as well as eating heaps of Cuban food.


Dan, Steve, and Alex enjoy the sunshine.
Dan channels his inner statue.
Dan channels his inner statue.

Captivated by the novelty of palm trees in comparison to the snow-filled trenches of Rochester, the team took countless photos of palm-tree filled vistas.

URDU’s partnership of Lindsay and Steve broke to elimination rounds in the open division. Although they didn’t win, the break round was a good debate and the entire tournament was a great learning experience for the whole squad!

Steve and Lindsey pose with their award for clearing.
Steve and Lindsay pose with their award for clearing.
The squad poses during brunch.
The squad poses during brunch.

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