University of Vermont Huber Debates 2014

The University of Rochester Debate Union celebrated Halloween this year on the road up north to the Huber Debates in gorgeous Burlington, Vermont. Some of the more spirited members of the team decided to catch the bus in Halloween costumes. Notable costumes include Chris and Miriam’s decision to dress up as each other and Nina and Alex’s decision to dress up as Jimmy, Jr. and Tina from Bob’s Burgers. Over and above all the costume fun, this particular tournament was even more fun than the usual mix of fierce competition and team comraderie because it was the first tournament offering debates in both Policy and Worlds formats that the URDU has had the chance to go to this semster.

A shot of the UVM campus

The URDU had significant competitive success at UVM. Of the ten total teams (and eleven novice competitors!) that Rochester brought, three teams broke to elimination rounds. In novice Policy, Anna Li and Sarah Pisaniello broke to quarterfinals. In Worlds, Ben Frazer & Graeme McGuire broke to novice finals and Chris Perkins & Miriam Kohn reached open quarterfinals.  The URDU also took home a speaker award, as our own Bethany Gardner was named seventh speaker in novice policy.

Ben and Graeme pose with their Novice Finalist award
Chris and Miriam pose with their Open Quarterfinalist award

All told, the tournament was a wonderful way to wrap up the season for the Worlds squad and a great stepping stone for our Policy debaters to build momentum going into the last two Policy tournaments of the season at West Virginia University and Wake Forest.



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