Brad Smith Debate Tournament @ UNIVERSITY OF ROCHESTER

In this annual, but spectacular tournament that has occurred right here in our very own home of the U of R, the experience for everybody was a memorable one. A lot of us varsity debaters decided to help out in organizing and framing the tournament, and the result was great! The coaches were quite pleased with everyone’s performance, and we would often times get ahead of schedule, which represented the tournament’s smooth fluidity in running. It is safe to say that everyone in the debate team has done a phenomenal job of  fulfilling their roles. Novices in the World’s category had a chance to participate in this tournament, and they did learn a lot about what they argued. In addition, we sang happy birthday to the one and only, Brad Smith, on the last day of the tournament, so that we could commemorate the anniversary of this tournament in the best way possible. A key result that has also stood out in this tournament was our very own Margeaux Kelly receiving the top speaker award at the Novice Policy section of the tournament. Overall, the tournament was satisfying for everyone and we’re hoping for everybody to do the same, if not, even better for next year’s tournament. Meliora!

Some of the motions presented in the rounds were as follows:

TH supports the direct intervention of Western nations to their backing of non-state actors in armed conflicts.

THBT all self-driven cars must have the same government-mandated algorithm to solve the “trolley problem.”

THW ban all religious proselytization in prisons.

THW abolish all rent control laws.

Our debaters posing with delicious food and snacks!!!!
Sssshhh…the tab is being worked on at this moment….
This is an excited Reefat!!!
People from the team posing together to close the tournament!!!!


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