Cal Swing Debate Tournaments @ UC Berkeley

Earlier this January, he URDU journeyed all the way to California to engage in what could be described as a competitive, but invigorating series of tournaments in none other than UC Berkeley. A few teams decided to embark on this trip, and they ended up having an amazing time in this tournament. They even collected posters from where they were during the tournaments. We also had Margeaux Kelly finish as the 8th best speaker in the JV/Novice Division in one of the tournaments! Woo-hoo! The teams also went out to visit parts of California while taking a break from debating. This made the whole journey that much more exciting to be in. Pretty good experience for everyone who went and it will be certainly one to remember.

The sight of a gate at UC Berkeley.
Debaters posing with posters!!!
Margeaux finishes as the 8th best speaker in a tournament!! She smiles as she poses with her poster.




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