New School Policy Scrimmage @ NYC

In this very unique scrimmage, the URDU went all the way to none other than New York City! This special experience has been quite influential upon growing and learning as debaters especially since some of the debaters who’ve went had little to no experience in policy debate. In this scrimmage, the results weren’t really our objective. Our true objective, in fact, was simply learning and absorbing knowledge from each round that the debaters effortfully competed in. And that in itself was fundamental to everyone. The coaches were happy that each and every one of the debaters were able to take at least something out of the scrimmage as a whole. Speaking of rounds, Bethany and Andres won Speaker Awards after all the rounds were over, so congrats to them! After the scrimmage was over, we toured Times Square in New York City, and walked a bit to see the great skyscrapers that surrounded us as we moved. Great city, along with a fabulous way to end the scrimmage for everyone!

NYC at night
Bethany wins 6th best Speaker Award
The policy team taking a lunch break
Andres wins 7th best Speaker Award
The policy team that came to NYC stands united!!


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