Cornell University Trifecta Tournament

This tournament was one of those tournaments that we, the URDU, brought a large amount of teams and judges so that they can develop a unique experience in Cornell in terms of debate and knowledge. Both Worlds and Policy categories were available for debaters to participate, and at the end of the tournament, the results were generally positive for everyone. There was also a Spanish division for the Worlds category, and our team of Dan and Andres were successful in competing in that division. Generally, debaters and judges came out of the tournament with their heads held high, as this was a very good way to not only get some debate experience, but also to let our fellow novice debaters step outside their comfort zone and face their fears. We had plenty of Worlds debaters qualify in the preliminaries in their respective divisions, and they came out of the tournament, also in a positive mood. As for the Policy team that competed in the tournament, we had Margeaux Kelly and Emman Karra break to Novice finals! So, even though the weather was unbearingly cold, our spirits were warm and strong throughout the rest of the competition. Whether somebody went to a tournament for the first time, or has been part of the URDU for a while now, it was overall a fabulous experience for us all!

Here are a few of the motions from the Worlds Spanish division:

THB in Donald Trump

THW heal the wound

THW prohibit the importation and exportation of biotechnology between different countries

Miriam and Chris win speaker awards!!!
Dan and Andres finish as semifinalists in the Spanish division!!!
Our successful Worlds debaters posing with awards!!!
Reefat and Kate prepping!!!
Margeaux and Emman prep!!!


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