Public Debate: Has Beyonce been good for Feminism?

On Saturday February 20, the URDU had one of its most successful public debates ever. We had a large attendance number for the event! Our e-board members and supporters were all hands on deck in trying to make this event the best that it could be, and quite frankly, it’s a public debate to remember. The debate composed itself of an Affirmative team and a Negative team. Those that made up the Affirmative team were none other than Miriam Kohn, Graeme McGuire, and Elizabeth De Los Reyes. Those on the Negative team were Anne Cheng, Ben Frazer, and Naomi Rutagarama were on the Negative side. It was a back and forth debate, but the speeches all caught the audience’s attention. It was a learning experience for everyone who debated and watched the debate. Generally, it was a memorable experience for everyone who watched it in person and through the link we provided. We would like to thank the coaches for coordinating this event as well. Be sure to attend our next public debate the upcoming semester!

Our Negative Team


Our Affirmative Team
The attendance keeps on growing as Brady speaks to everyone…
The audience is focused on the debate going on…
Ben interjects as Graeme speaks…
Anne delivers her speech!


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