Ithaca NAUDC World’s Tournament

In this very difficult tournament for our World’s team, the amount of learning and stress was quite strong. Those few who went have discovered that the experience was brutal, especially given the fact that the tournament consisted of many teams from the country. The trip may have been short to Ithaca, but the competition was stiff and tough. However, one of the fun parts of this tournament, besides witnessing the variety of teams participating in this difficult tournament, was seeing Sarah Hofmann, our World’s Captain, and her partner Ben Frazer nearly breaking into quarterfinals! Woo-hoo!

Some of the motions presented in this tournament were:

THB existing welfare programs should be replaced by unconditional cash transfers

THB political polling and major election analytics do more harm than good

THB the United States should impose substantial tariffs on Chinese goods until China ceases all currency manipulation

THW hold government officials criminally responsible for severe harm to citizens resulting from grossly negligent public policy

Round 6 is being announced…


Ben and Sarah finish to a well-fought 17th place in the Ithaca tournament!!!!






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