Europe 2016: Budapest, Hungary and Rotterdam, Netherlands

Part 1: Budapest, Hungary

In a spectacular series of trips and tournaments, the URDU sent four curious, but intelligent debaters to, of all places, Europe! They’ve embarked on a journey that lasted nearly two weeks, and everyone has greatly benefited from the experience! They first went to Budapest, where everyone who went were amazed by the beauty of the city and the foreign Hungarian culture. The tournament at Central European University proved to be quite challenging and fun for everyone, and the variety of perspectives offered during the rounds made up interesting debates as well. Everyone appreciated the competitive European teams that took part in the tournament, and our debaters enjoyed from the uniqueness of the Budapest experience in general.

Some of the motions presented in this tournament were:

THW ban private political donations, and fund all political parties and campaigns from general taxation

THBT European leaders should not have agreed to renegotiate the terms of Britain’s EU membership

THBT it is legitimate to release the unpublished personal memoirs of deceased public figures, even when this is against the express wishes of the individual or their family

THW not allow workers to renounce their employment rights (e.g. holiday pay, defined working hours, sick pay, minimum wage) in return for work experience or financial benefit

Part 2: Rotterdam, Netherlands

After having competed in the Budapest tournament, our exhausted debaters took a few days off in order to appreciate and observe the beauty that was the city of Rotterdam. They’ve rested and had a great time exploring all around wherever they went. They even tried out some of the most unique foods they’ve seen in their lives, such as the dragon fruit! Eventually, as our debaters experienced the daunting task of changing hostels and carrying their bags in the streets, they were thinking about the challenging Rotterdam tournament ahead of them. When the tournament commenced, the adjustment of the time a speech is supposed to last  (5 minutes a speech) caught our debaters off guard, but they eventually did better than expected! The difficulty of the tournament could be definitely felt, and eventually, everyone learned something new and were proud of their overall performance. Courtney Otto was also the 5th best novice speaker in the tournament!!! It was a beautiful experience for everyone as Rotterdam became a fond memory once the tournament was over and it was time to go back home to the University of Rochester.

Some of the motions in this tournament were:

THW ban talk toys

THBT the US should require the NRA to pay reparations to victims of gun violence

THBT Egypt should conscript women to female only units

THW release inmates from jail solely on the basis of their rehabilitation and not upon the completion of a predetermined period of time

THW make the number of votes an individual has inversely proportional o their wealth(i.e. the more wealth an individual has the fewer votes in an election)

One of the fine buildings we saw net to the Central European University in Budapest.
Bexley judging a round in Budapest…
Debaters watching the final round of the Budapest tournament!!
Rotterdam from the view of our hostel sure is beautiful…
The view of Rotterdam from the top of a ferris wheel!
Our debaters all together during the Rotterdam tournament!!!
Our debaters listening to an announcement…




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