Pan American Universities Debating Championship 2016

On one fine March weekend, the URDU flew all the way to Jamaica in order to engage in one of the toughest tournaments ever faced, and they came out with great success in their hands! The warm weather and the Caribbean atmosphere were greatly felt, and the tournament itself served as a platform of knowledge and competition. Fortunately in this case, there was much of both factors: knowledge and competition, and everyone greatly benefited from them. The tropical atmosphere in Jamaica made up for much of the enjoyable experiences that our debaters took while sightseeing and taking photos of the island. We had Miriam Kohn and Chris Perkins finish as finalists, and we also had Reefat Aziz and Kate Zheng finish as the top and the 3rd best ESL speakers of the tournament respectively. Fascinating tournament all together and we hope that next year’s Pan-Am tournament can exceed this one in terms of enjoyment and success!

Some of the motions presented in this tournament were:

TH supports a coup d’etat in Venezuela

THW stop commemorating wars

THBT states should implement compulsory licensing of all patented essential medications

THW allow individuals to donate a significant portion of the taxes they owe to the state to charities or non-profit organizations.

Precious view of the sea..


Reefat and Miriam looking happy in Jamaica!!!
One of the motions about to be announced…
Miriam having fun with some company!




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