Swarthmore College Regionals World’s Tournament

It was yet another tough World’s tournament that our fellow debaters have decided to go to, and it was another one that they all came out having learned something new. The tournament was a challenge for our fellow members of the URDU, and the magnificence of the art of debate was portrayed by the stiff competition presented there. The diversity of the motions presented in there created challenging debate rounds in which debaters and judges all benefited from the variety of perspectives, as well as the plethora of arguments presented for each side. Eventually, our teams all did well, and we are proud of Sarah Hofmann and Ben Frazer reaching semifinals later on! Great job for everyone too!

Some of the motions presented in this tournament were:

THW hold religious organizations liable for the outcome of faith healings

THR the use of the female body as a site of feminist protest (e.g. nude and topless protests, Slutwalk)

THBT free trade agreements should only be signed into law after being approved by referenda in the signatory countries

THW legalize the production and sale of opium in Afghanistan

Waiting for Round 1 to start…
The URDU looks on as they enjoy their food!
Ben and Sarah finish as semifinalists!!!!!


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