USU Nationals 2016

The USU Nationals tournament is the ultimate instance in which our precious World’s debaters are put to the test in order to push themselves to their limits in terms of knowledge of the world and debating ability. Eight of our debaters, six of them who participated in the open division, and two who have enrolled in the novice division, have undertaken the task of traveling all the way to Atlanta, Georgia so that they could compete and come out as better debaters. In the tournament, a very large number of teams registered, and there were actually thirty-two teams that broke out of the preliminaries. One of these thirty-two teams was the team consisting of Sarah Hofmann and Ben Frazer, who finished just below the top ten teams breaking. Both debaters also finished as octofinalists in the tournament, so we can at least say that the URDU left Atlanta with some success in their hands. The amount of knowledge our debaters have learned throughout debating was impressive as well; hearing different arguments and perspectives from different sides has allowed them to gather different sorts of information to further enrich their minds. Overall, not a bad experience, and the URDU is already looking forward to doing even better at the next USU Nationals tournament!

Some of the motions presented in this tournament were:

TH regrets the 24 hour news cycle

In large ethnically diverse societies, THW institute uniform secular civil codes

THBT Palestinian violence against Israeli civilian targets is justified

Some of our debaters are assembled…
Ben and Sarah compete in the octofinals!!!!
The URDU in USU!!!




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