2016, Brad Smith Debate Tournament

The 2016 Brad Smith Debate Tournament was hosted by the University of Rochester Debate Union, and was the Northeast season opener for Worlds Debate and the Northeast Novice season opener for Policy Debate. The tournament was held on Saturday, September 17th and Sunday, September 18th.

The tournament is named in honor of H. Brad Smith, a longtime and invaluable supporter of the University of Rochester Debate Union; both Brad and Jane Smith had joined us to help with judging and hosimg_8724pitality. The tournament was CEDA and SAMBA sanctioned.

The adjudication team for the 2016 Brad Smith Tournament was composed of many great debaters- the CAs were Bexley Brown and Josh Martin and the DCAs were Reefat Aziz, Sarah Hofmann, Miriam Kohn, and Chris Perkins.  URDU had selected three equity officers from a pool of immensely qualified candidates to uphold equity in the British Parli
amentary and Policy divisions of the tournament- Wahab Alhaji, a senior; Dan Lemire, a senior; and Ben Frazer, a junior and our squad’s Worlds Captain. The whole URDU family did a great job administrating the tournament, swing debating and volunteering!




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