HWS (Worlds)

The URDU had competed at HWS on the 1st and 2nd of October. The qualifications of the team at the tournament include Ben Frazer and Graeme McGuire debating as finalists and Ben Frazer being tied as a finalist. The topic for the final was “This house regrets the politics of the new campus left.” The topic for the semi final was “This house regrets the inculcation of national identity through shared rituals (eg national ceremonies, anthems, pledges of allegiance, etc). Other topics for the rounds included: “This house would sanction the intelligence, military, and political leaders of Pakistan”, “This house regrets the automation of jobs previously performed by humans (eg self driving, self checkouts etc)”, and “This house would allocate scholarships and financial aid exclusively on the basis of financial need”.14570585_1321280497895876_2124014857830530753_o14484902_1319917901365469_3931201286526243082_n



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