YALE Invitational

After a long and educational tournament, the University of Rochester finished the Yale Invitational with amazing (if not breaking) scores:

KP ends on 11 points (two firsts, two seconds, a third, and a fourth)
MF ends on 10 points (three seconds, a first, a third, and a fourth)
AT ends on 9 points (two firsts, two thirds, and two fourths)

Much pride!

We debated the motions:
(Info slide: in the aftermath of WW2 the united states forced japan to accept article 9 of constitution, which outlaws war as a means of resolving inter disputes with other states
In 2015, amid calls for wholesale repeal of the article, shinzo abe government succeeded in reinterpreting article 9 to allow japan’s SD forces come to aid of their allies in war
More broadly, japan has invested heavily in bolstering its military capabilities, and has pointedly positioned a substantial naval force in the east china sea)
This house supports the continued remilitarization of japan

(context slide with MDG narrating: picture: empty spaces of museum in athens: made for elgin marbles, taken to england between 1801 and 1812)
This house believes that all museums, galleries, and cultural institutions should offer to return exhibits to their communities/countries of origin

(Info slide: a credit rating company is a company that assigns credit ratings to debt which rate a debtor’s ability to pay back by making timely interest payments and the likelihood of default
Rating agencies rate a huge range of debt, including that of governments and corporations as well as securitised products such as mortgage-backed securities)
This house would nationalize credit ratings agencies



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